Managing Third-Party Connections

Our website loads embedded third-party content only after your consent. In doing so, you do not give your consent via our cookie banner, but only when it is really necessary.

You can grant the integration each time once for the respective integration, or permanently per service. If you have given such consent permanently for any services, they will be displayed here, so you can easily revoke this consent from here. For this purpose, the permanent integrations of currently approved by this device are listed below this paragraph. Uncheck the box to withdraw the permanent inclusion of the respective service.

No other permanent inclusions found.

We would like to point out that we usually cannot control the data collections of the linked third-party providers. So, by giving your consent, you agree that this website loads third-party content and you agree to the consequences. To describe it again in no uncertain terms: By consenting by pressing a button, you accept that third-party content will be loaded and that these third-party providers may write data to your browser’s memory as a result. In some circumstances, our third party service providers may ask you for additional consent to set website data. We have no influence on this and recommend in this case to choose the most privacy-friendly setting.