🛡 Privacy Center

We provide the “Privacy Center”, an interface where you can configure privacy-related settings.
Let us tell you that we support data protection and strive to always provide you with a data protection-compliant website.

🏦 Privacy policy

Read our privacy policy and find out how we process your data. Read the whole long text, or just the section that interests you.

🍪 Cookie functions

We want you to be able to decide at any time how this website handles your personal information. Whenever you want to adjust these settings, you can either go to the Privacy Center and click on the cookie, or go to the bottom left of the bar, and then press the cookie there. Tada! Now you can customize the settings!

📜 Cookie Policy

We want you to have the possibility to inform yourself at any time how we handle cookies on this website. You can see this in the cookie policy.

📭 Data protection request

We would like to make it easier for you to contact us with data protection inquiries. Of course, we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. However, before you submit this request, we ask you to check again whether you might be able to answer your question yourself (by reading the information on the linked pages).