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Editorial note: This entry was written on 10/10/2021. Unfortunately, the provider (at that time) had difficulties with his website ( redirected you too many times.) which is why we worked with archived versions of these websites (as far as possible) for research.

Editorial note: The official documentation of Comodo Secure DNS is not in good condition. It looks unkempt and outdated. For example, instructions for installing the server on Windows Vista and XP are provided, and nothing is mentioned of all other versions of Windows. That’s why we can’t offer a lot of information about the DNS server. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

Addresses and domains for Comdo Secure DNS

IPv4 addresses

IPv6 addresses


There is currently no information that encrypted DNS communication is possible.

Auth-Name (DoT): Auth-Name (DoH): TLS-Port:
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About Comodo Secure DNS

Enjoy a safer, smarter and faster Internet

“Comodo Secure DNS is suitable for everyone – especially those interested in a more reliable, faster and safer Internet experience!”

Comodo Secure DNS is also marketed under the name NuSEC.

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Use with Stubby

To use this DNS server in Stubby, add the following block to the configuration file. Instructions can be found here <- currently only availabel in German).

Properties above Comodo Secure DNS

  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • DNS64 is not supported by the provider
  • DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) is not supported by the provider
  • DNS-over-TLS (Dot) is not supported by the provider
  1. Free
  2. International
Evaluation and reliability does not have the resources to provide a durable and reliable assessment of this DNS server. We refer here to from the Polish company PerfOps.

Comodo Secure DNS is listed on under the name NuSEC.


Under the control of: Comodo Group, Inc. , USA

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