Change DNS server in a PlayStation3


Step 1 Call up network options

You can make the necessary changes in the system settings of the PlayStation operating system.

  • The system settings are hidden under the Settings item in the selection represented by a suitcase icon.
  • Select this item with the controller to be able to view the sub-items.
  • Select the sub-item “Network settings” (the icon is a globe with a wrench).
  • In the network settings, select the item “Internet connection setting”.

You are now in the Internet Connection Setup Wizard and can proceed.

Step 2 Change DNS settings

Before you make any changes, a message appears. This message simply reminds you that you must also plug in a network cable when connecting via the network cable. Confirm the message that appears with “O.K.”.

  • INFO: Unter umständen erscheint eine Meldung, dass die Interverbindung der Konsole abbricht, wenn Sie im folgenden Menü Änderungen vornehmen. Bestätigen Sie die erscheinende Meldung mit “O.K.”

Now you need to change the DNS server

  1. To do this, select the “Custom” option.
  2. Select the connection method. (Cable or WLAN) This selection is not relevant for changing the DNS server.
  3. If you select “WLAN”, pay attention to the following points. Otherwise continue with point 4
    • Select the “Manual” item in the following selection to be able to enter your own values. The Expresse method (also known as WPS) cannot be used here.
    • Enter the SSID of your router. If you do not know the SSID, you can read it in the configuration of your router. If a WLAN connection has already been established with the console, the console remembers this designation.
    • Enter the WLAN password.
  4. In the IP address settings, select “Automatic” or “Manual”. This selection is not relevant for changing the DNS server.
  5. For DNS settings, select “Manual”.
  6. Now enter the Primary and Secondary DNS servers. The PlayStation 3 only supports IPv4 from the factory, which is why you may only enter IPv4 DNS addresses.
  7. You can set the following items like MTU or UPnP as you like or leave them on “Automatic”.
  8. On the overview page, the PlayStation 3 shows you all the settings once again. If necessary, select the corresponding sub-item and make adjustments.
  9. Save your changes with “OK”.

Test settings

Since this is a separate device, the successful change of the DNS server can only be checked on the device itself. Try to connect to a website on the Internet that has a high availability. This can be, but also

Information about PlayStation3

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.
Headquarters: 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo, CA 94404, United States.
Type of software: Firmware of PlayStation
Produktwebseite: /

(Known) Supported DNS standards:

  • DNS over IPv4
Instruction information

Instruction applies to:

PlayStation®3 Slim
PlayStation®3 Super Slim

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Posted on: 29.12.2021
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