DNSChoice.eu will be discontinued on 01.07.2023!

Dear Sir or Madam,

the DNS-Choice.eu team hereby informs you that our project parent ownOnline has decided to discontinue DNSChoice until further notice. And that completely.

A few months ago we reported that our website will be integrated into the IT of onwnonline.eu for economic reasons. This process has also started, but it is time consuming and has been paused for the time being. What will be available on DNSChoice soon will be a booklet PDF containing all important documentation of DNSChoice.eu. It will probably be ready at the beginning of June. But that’s all you can expect. We will present a few alternative websites for you to switch to in June.

It’s honestly unlikely, but it’s possible that we might continue on ownOnline again sometime in the future. Right now everything in at ownOnline is on the back burner and a lot is being discontinued. So a change of the main website in a similar direction as DNSChoice is also possible.

Thank you very much for your loyalty. It is sad that we could never finish the project.

The former ownOnline DNSChoice team [oodc].

Photo: Ryan Sandi Septian @Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/mann-laptop-arbeiten-technologie-15508981/